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Location-Based SEO Solutions for Your Business

What is Local SEO?

A local search engine optimization is the tailor-made internet marketing tool to increase the visibility of your local business for customers present in that locale. Factoring in several other aspects, local SEO techniques pinpoint likely customers and promote your business to them, just when they are searching for a product or service like the one you are offering.

Why Businesses Need Local SEO Services?

  • Increases ROI
  • Increases listings

Local SEO Services take into account the location of potential customers and promotes your business to targeted customers in your area, to make sure that your digital marketing budget is utilized to the fullest, with maximum return on investment. Without a strong local SEO strategy, you could lose precious leads and prospective customers and miss out on sales and revenues. And just like the regular SEO services, Local SEO also gives a massive boost to your online business listings; helping you achieve the top 10 rankings in search results.

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Prominent Features of Our Service

  • Agency resources
  • A team of dedicated Local SEO experts
  • Local keywords research
  • Location-based titles and meta descriptions
  • Google My Business setup, management, and citation address matching
  • Facebook business profile setup and review, check-ins verifications
  • Glassdoor verification, location setting
  • CitySearch local optimization
  • Managing reviews, social interactions, verifications for your business
  • Monthly updates detailing profile views, website visits, direction requests, etc.
  • Monthly update on rankings. Google local rankings, Google Organic rankings, etc.

Client Managed Local SEO

iPower SEO also offers client managed services. To manage local listing citations by yourself, you can make use of our platform, tools, and do most of the management for yourself. You can start with a minimum of 5 locations to manage at only 295 USD per month. For more locations, call our experts today. We can create a local profile for you with details and a high-resolution logo provided by you.

You can opt for Client Managed Local SEO if you already have an SEO Campaign and/or have prior experience dabbling into SEO strategy. Client managed SEO can give you more control of your campaign, and you can have agency experts working with you, but not full time.

For more information about client managed local SEO, please contact us.

Best Part of Local SEO – PEOPLE Need It!

Research shows that search words with ‘near me’ have doubled over the past 12 months. It means that every time somebody is looking for a service, or food or product, they look for something NEAR THEM. That is the whole point of using Local SEO, to make sure your business profile appears in all those Near ME searches, in the locations of your choosing.

Google My Business & Citations

When it comes to local business listings, near me searches, and local SEO; Google My Business profile has got to be your go-to strategy. A strong Google My Business profiles should have the following:

  • Consistent information across the internet.
  • Claim and optimize your listing
  • Provide high resolution, attractive images of your outlet, products, or company logo

With proper strategy and optimization, you can earn a spot in Google’s Local SEO – 3 pack; the top 3 results in local searches, with map and reviews on top.

Additionally, you also need to build citations for your website which can help you rank higher on platforms like Tripadvisor or YELP and apps like foursquare. A good local SEO strategy can update and get your citation building campaign ready in no time.

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Location-Based Keywords Are the Key

Most times, people would like to search for services in and around their own locale, in their city, county, or state. For that, you need to customize your webpage with targeted local SEO keywords. For example a pet care service in Miami, Florida should have the words: Pet care service in Miami embedded into Meta description and content. The 2 basic rules of location-based keyword optimization are:

  • Use keywords with local area name on the site and meta description
  • Develop location-based pages with separate links

This is one of the strategies to improve your search rankings.

Review Management Services

Maintaining an online presence for your business means reviews are your nontraditional and highly effective marketing tool. Research shows that 95% of people read reviews before using any service and take them seriously. Reviews can be found on your company’s site as well as third party sites lie Google and YELP. A good local service can help you with;

  • Responding to reviews, good or bad
  • Updating reviews
  • Get customers to rate your service online

Optimization Begins at Home

If your mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load, chances are you’ve lost a customer.

To optimize, first, you have to make sure that the lite version of your website is perfect with zero loading time. It should be clean clear and quick. Most people searching for services on the go using mobile devices and if it takes anything more than 5 seconds, there I a good chance they’d bounce.

If you are still not sure if your mobile site works perfectly with your local SEO strategy, call us for a trial and we shall be happy to help you optimize your mobile site.

Make the Right Investment

When you invest in a local SEO service, you are actually doing your business a favor.

  • Performance You Can Track

With local SEO service, you always know exactly how your strategy is performing, with verifiable performance. Also, you can trim and adjust anything that isn’t worth it.

  • Website Traffic You Can Count

Website visits are a quantifiable measure of your Local SEO strategy’s success. You can see in real-time the number of visitors, leads, and customers.

  • Customers You Can See

Along with the website traffic, you can even witness an increase in your physical customers’ presence in your outlets.

So, what are you waiting for?

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